Paul McCarthy Discusses The Spirit of Generousity in Cork

Enjoying The Irish Spirit of Generousity with Paul McCarthy Cork

There can be no more attractive destination in Europe as Ireland.

This is a country that ticks all the boxes as far as a vacation is concerned. It has wonderful natural attractions- including a coastline that defies imagination. Add to those pubs and dining destinations that offer wonderful experiences that will tantalise the taste buds. But there is something that sets an evening in Ireland apart from one spent in other countries – that is the Craic.

The Craic is what sets Ireland apart from the rest of the world as far as evening drinking sessions are concerned. What is the Craic? It’s difficult to define – but its an attitude and a sense of enjoyment that comes from simply being among friends. Those friends may be new – it’s wonderful to sit in a Dublin pub and find that you are amongst friends that you did not know existed. It is impossible to sit on a barstool alone in Cork city – or any other barstool in that country and be alone. The Irish are quick to make friends – you will simply never walk alone.

Take in the history of castles and meadows. Enjoy the fields and rolling hills of the country. Seek solitude and quiet in Ireland and you will soon be disappointed. Someone will be along soon to share that beauty with you. But rather than this being an annoyance it is charming. The Irish lily to English immediately draws you in. There is laughter in any syllable. These are people who know how to laugh. They enjoy not only their own life and circumstances – but want to share in the sheer joy of existence.

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That is the Craic. The laughter and music and conversation that comes with every experience in Ireland. These are friendly folk. At any road crossing in Ireland, a simple smile will be returned. Request directions and they will be supplied with a grin – and possibly an invite to the local pub for lunch.

However, that invitation comes with some dangers. It might be a simple invitation, but in Ireland, that can be the entry into a world of laughter and a combination of music, song and simple fun. Everyone is part of the family in Ireland – the locals love a different accent – and new experiences that are demanded.

If you are in a shell in Ireland the locals will soon pull you out of that. It is not a demand – it is a gentle requirement. You will need an act of faith to ignore the fact that you are in a place that needs you to throw off the requirements of modern society. You are invited to the party – that party is part of Irish culture. You can make a simple choice – go with the flow. Or get sucked in by the wonderful Irish spirit or ignore it at your peril. Check out –

The fact of the matter is that if you are in Ireland you will be exposed the most generous of spirits. And that can become overwhelming. But embrace that spirit and you will enjoy an experience that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world.

There are certain experiences in Ireland that are simply unique. Visit Dublin and find out why that city has become one of those places in Europe that should be on everyone’s vacation shopping list. It is a city that punches way above its weight class when it comes to history and sheer attractiveness. However, we must come back to those wonderful pubs. Turn that corner and you find a watering hole that will offer wonder and the opportunity to simply relax.

That relaxation will usually be courtesy of the locals. It is possible to simply get a wonderfully refreshing drink at a pub. Sit down and open a book. Things will change very shortly. Open that cover to a book and soon you have a companion who will be asking about why you are reading it. Because that is the Irish way. Your life becomes a talking point – and a source of laughter. Your heart will be lifted. You will find people who actually care about your worries.

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But there is always a solution – and it can be found in the companionship of this country and its people. These are people who know the value of simplicity. They are people who know that the company of friends, a good drink and a meal are those things that make your heart soar. Add to that a roaring fireplace and deep warm evenings and you have the recipe for a visit to a country that sings with wonder.

Summary – Paul McCarthy Cork

However, even the greatest natural beauty will fade without that most wonderful of ingredients – people. And that is what you will find in Ireland – great people. Filled with welcome and curiosity. It is simply the most wonderful place to visit.